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“Mobile” tech was born out of the desire to be able to carry everything that facilitates your life together with you. Thanks to the marvels of miniaturization, the golden age of the Tech-Nomad is here. So we came up with this here site just for all you mobile folk out there. We welcome you, to Technomadica.

Cameras, computers, phones, portable power supplies… even printers nowadays come in sizes that you can just stuff into your tote bag. Even people who find themselves always on the move can be pretty well equipped, tech-wise. Including those crossing continents and international boundaries on a regular basis.

With that in mind, our main modus operandi here at Technomadica is to pretty much put Tech devices of every kind (or at least the ones we own) to the Tech-Nomad Test in our reviews, seeing if they can stand the rigors of going everywhere with you. Our reviews will not only rate devices like “normal” tech-reviews, but we will also observe and assess how a device would fare being used while on-the-move, rather than in the relatively safe confines of your home or office.

Furthermore, you can look forward to articles with tips on how to facilitate your Tech-Nomadism, as we roam the globe with our devices in hand. Like where best to get WIFI routers in Japan (hint: Airports kiosks can surprisingly offer a decent deal if you know where to look).

Additionally, we’ll scour the depths of the Internet and share with you crowdfunding updates the latest and best upcoming gadgets to further enrich your life on-the-move. Maybe a new external hard disk that doubles as a power bank, USB Type-C dock AND an alarm clock, who knows?

As such, I hope our future posts will be to your liking. Do contact us to us if you need us to cover something specific or you have anything you need us to clarify.

So strap in and enjoy the ride!

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