Team Forwrd ChargEST – Multi Morpher

On today’s edition of Technomadica CrowdWatch, we’ll take a look at ChargEST from Indiegogo – an interesting new entry into the travel charger arena with a multitude of features for the border-crossing Tech-Nomad.

The brainchild of Team Forwrd, hailing from Sofia, Bulgaria; ChargEST is a new compact multi-plug travel charger that has already raised an impressive 1054% of its relatively modest 20k USD funding goal, with 4 more days left ticking on the clock.

Priced at a decent $49, ChargEST features 2 MicroUSB and 3 fast-charging USB ports, all while still functioning as the international socket adapter. With all this in mind, the nifty pocketable charger-plug seems to qualify well as a promising new addition to any Tech-Nomad’s arsenal.

There’s also an matching powerbank and a dual-socket version up on grabs on Indiegogo, so if you’re interested in something like this, it’s probably best if you hurry it up to Indiegogo to back these guys up before their funding window closes in 4 days.

Personally, while the ChargEST does look plenty interesting, my travel power needs are already well served between my old 5-port Anker PowerIQ charger and the Innergie PowerGear ICE 65 that was recently reviewed here on Technomadica, so I’ll be sitting this one out. 

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