Illegear Onyx – Preview

Today, we take a quick preview look at Illegear’s newest entry into the slim-and-trim gaming notebook niche: The Onyx.

It’s no secret that we here at Technomadica are fans of local boutique notebook customizers Illegear, especially after our rather positive review on the S5X. Never content to simply rest on their laurels, the hardworking folks at Illegear have just released a few new models along with the recent Intel Coffee Lake H announcement, including the sexy little number pictured above.

The Onyx is a brand new slim-and-light notebook that – like the similar S5X before it – packs a punch within a relatively tiny frame. However, it one ups the S5X by actually stuffing a full 15 inch screen within the chassis of a 14 inch notebook – achieving this by going bezel-less much like Gigabyte’s Aero 15 and MSI’s new GS65.

Not only that, the Onyx manages to still pack a rather serious punch as well, with a choice of Nvidia’s mid-range GPUs (1050 / 1050Ti / 1060) accompanied by Intel’s latest i5 or i7 Coffee Lake H processors… all wrapped up around a highly efficient cooling solution with quad heat pipes and twin fans that somehow keeps the entire thing running relatively cool (like below 50c temps at the hottest bottom spot while being Furmark-ed for 20 minutes cool) under the heaviest of loads.

That’s not the last card up the Onyx’s sleeves either, as it also comes a full sized, per-key RGB, fully mechanical keyboard that’s even user customizable down to the physical keycaps, which is just icing on an already delicious cake.

Considering that it ticks a lot of our Tech Nomad boxes (portable, compact, powerful), of course we have one of these Slim Sirens en route to be put under the scrutiny of a full Technomadica review.

With that in mind, do stay tuned for more soon, folks. Real soon.

In the mean time, you can find more information on the Onyx yourself Here or you can check out the snazzy product intro video Illegear has whipped out for it below:

Finally, you can also take a peek the other newly released line, the Mid-Range Raven / Raven Elite Here if that strikes your fancy better.

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