Technomadica is a tech news and review blog with a slant towards Tech that are especially adapt for use for people who are always on the move, including the rising numbers of Digital/Tech-Nomads and also Tech-enhanced Travelers.

Therefore Technomadica places more focus on affordable, miniaturized Tech and devices – hopefully helping our fellow Tech-Nomads to lessen the load they have to bear while remaining Technologically effective on-the-road.

Also, our reviews put the tech under review on test under practical use conditions more than we do on the benchmark side of things, as there are already plenty of sites out there that do benchmark reviews. We will still run some basic ones to give you a better estimation of performance, but this will not be our forte.

Technomadica is currently run by a dedicated small team of tech enthusiasts, and we’re happy to be your host during your stay here at Technomadica. We do hope that the stuff we put up here are to your liking, and we’re always open to any suggestions or ideas on how to make things better. Our contact information is available over at the contact page.

If you feel like contributing to Technomadica, may it be reviews or opinion articles, we’re always looking for a helping hand.

Also, if you’re representing an entity with a piece of Tech that you think would enrich the lives of Tech-Nomads everywhere, and you think that Technomadica can help you to extend your reach, do contact us ASAP so we could figure something out together.